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Third Monday of the Month is our meeting night.  No meeting in July and August.

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W.M. of  Caledonia Lodge G.R.C. No. 637                                   
                              Irish Night Flyer
R.W.Bro. Norman Mathie 
 Welcome to Caledonia Freemasons Lodge No.637. As the master for the 2011 to 2012
 year, I am happy to invite y
ou to visit our website. I hope you
find it useful as well as helpful
 in your Masonic journeys. We look  forward to hearing from you, by either visiting our lodge
 or through the email system available.  Masonry has stood for hundreds of years with its
 traditions firmly maintained by its members who recognize that forgetting and altering the past
 guidelines of Masonry serve to deprive future FreeMasons of a rich history of ritual and brethren
 who have gone on before. This website was established with keeping the past alive while reaching
 out to enable us to better serve our existing brothers and to provide a forum for those who may
 wish to find out more about Caledonia Lodge and Freemasonry in general.  It will also provide a
 place for those wishing to know how to become a FreeMason and some of the process needed to
 complete it.  At this time I would also like to pay tribute to all those Brothers on the internet as
 well as in my lodge who have helped make this website possible. I believe strongly that communications
 in all its forms is the means by which Masonry will continue to be strong and a viable organization for
 men who wish to be even better than they are.  We strongly believe that an "Informed FreeMason
 Is One Best Equipped To Serve His Fellowman." 

                Listen to a brief audio on who and what Freemasonry is.
             Friend to Friend video from our own Grand Lodge
              (Realplayer required to view. Click HERE to download a free copy)

                            For The Cause Of GOOD